Thursday, January 17, 2019

Switzerland 5G auction on the way

The Swiss regulator aims to announce the results of the auction in Q2 2019

Swiss telecommunications services regulator Ofcom  said it aims to kick off a 5G spectrum auction this month, according to Reuters. The country's main carriers, including Swisscom, Sunrise and Salt Mobile are expected to participate in the spectrum auction, according to the report.

OFCOM said it will conduct the auction this month  and will reveal the results of the process by the second quarter of the year. The regulator did not provide further details about the auction.

The regulator said the process will follow a clock auction model, as this scheme ensures bidders can configure frequency packages which best suit their business models. This scheme lets bidders switch between frequency categories in the course of the process.

The auction covers blocks of frequencies within the 700 MHz, 1400 MHz, 2.6 GHz and 3.5 GHz ranges. The government could raise at least 220 million Swiss francs ($223 million) if bids are submitted for all the blocks on offer.

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