Tuesday, January 22, 2019

AT&T 5G Business Strategy

Businesses are leading the 5G revolution, and AT&T* is going to give its business customers a full 5G toolbox. We're the first carrier to publicly lay out what we're making available to help businesses get the most out of this technology.

America's 15 million businesses increasingly look to technology to drive outcomes, but their needs range drastically – from connecting a single location, to using networking to connect smart facilities with the latest technologies like artificial intelligence and mixed reality.

This is why our approach to 5G in business isn't focused on just one solution, but instead brings multiple pillars that reflect our customers' diversity and needs. Real solutions that we're bringing to the market today.  We're building our networks to allow fiber-based connectivity and LTE to work efficiently in parallel with 5G solutions, maximizing the impact of a business's transformation.

Our standards-based approach comes to life via 3 main service pillars:

  • Mobile 5G
  • Fixed Wireless
  • Edge Computing

"The 5G services we're rolling out and combining with our advanced network capabilities will help businesses fundamentally change for the better," said Mo Katibeh, CMO, AT&T Business. "It will open up opportunities to increase revenue, reduce operational costs, and ultimately create amazing new experiences for employees and customers. Whether it's a local startup, a growing regional company, or national enterprise, these 3 pillars are going to be groundbreaking."



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