Thursday, November 15, 2018

Whole lot of 5G services need a fat pipe i.e. continuous spectrum.

As 5G is a larger horizon in terms of its use cases, and this would be segmented through network slicing approaches. 

5G whole lot would not be given in a single shot, or doesn't seems to be feasible even, due to many reason, foremost is continuous spectrum and also the O&M. 

Also to note that 5G would differ in use cases so carry different requirement at different geographies or nations. So  despite of harmonization it has to cater the differences across nations and geographies. That makes it most vulnerable for convergence or accumulation of multiple technologies.  

Indian aspiration on 5G is taking shape to start 5G on C band and freeing up 100MHz in 3.6 Ghz spectrum for its 5G test bed initiative. 

Germany recently taken a bigger step by freeing up complete C-band for 5G, 3.4-3.8 Ghz band. 

For 5G to do its thing, it needs big chunks of continuous spectrum to 'fatten the pipe'. Piecemeal auctions of 3.4-3.8 GHz spectrum (otherwise known as C-Band) such as we had in the UK earlier this year, are not as useful as offering up the whole lot in one go. The eventual outcome may end up being the same, but the whole process is a lot more complicated.

This decision has been met with approval by the mobile industry trade association, the GSMA. "The C-Band is the most vital frequency band for 5G," said Mats Granryd, Director General of the GSMA. "Germany is demonstrating 5G leadership in the timely release of this vital spectrum, but risks undercutting its 5G future with unnecessary obligations. Spectrum is a limited resource and it must be used and managed as efficiently as possible to ensure a 5G future that will benefit all."

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