Wednesday, November 14, 2018

There are Real-world Forces Driving the Adoption of 5G Technology and Networks.

Keysight commissioned Dimensional Research to conduct a survey measuring preparation and attitudes toward 5G deployment across the globe. The results showed very clearly that nearly half of global businesses are already deploying 5G networks, or plan to deploy them within the next 12 months. These findings underscore the pent-up consumer demand for 5G: the technology is here, it is real, and customers want it.  

The finding underscores that 5G is not technology for technology's sake – true business needs are pushing the market. For example, financial services, one of the largest industries, ranks third only behind telecommunications and technology industries, in driving the need for 5G.  

Overall, Keysight 2018 State of 5G survey results reflect increasing excitement surrounding 5G capabilities as well as rapid momentum around deployment. More than half (54%) of companies have started developing 5G technologies with 16% already partially deployed. And, 46% of respondents said that they are investing in 5G to secure market leadership.