Sunday, September 9, 2018

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus comes in both variant 4G and 5G next years.

Samsung will reportedly release both 4G and 5G variants of the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus next year, according to South Korean publication The Bell. Samsung may release three different models of the Galaxy S10 (think Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 Plus and Galaxy S10 Lite), with a 5G option coming only to the Galaxy S10 Plus, says The Bell.
A 5G Galaxy S10 Plus would reportedly require four to five more antennas and cost more than the 4G version, so Samsung may keep the cost down for the rest of the Galaxy S10 line by making the 5G option only available to its most premium phone, according to the report.
5G is expected to enhance network speeds, coverage and the responsiveness of wireless networks. Carriers AT&T and Verizon have already launched early 5G coverage, with more carriers paving the way. Now it's up to the phone makers to ensure that their phones can actually use 5G.
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