Sunday, December 23, 2018

Has AT&T Slipped the 5G target?

AT&T Put the 5G Logo on its LTE adv handsets in disguise of 5G E (5G Evolution). 
Since 5G in itself has become a fussy term in sense of it concrete definition so justifications are available  behind AT&T moves. But the people familiar with technology understand the status behind bars. 

AT&T has been in tremendous pressure to lead on 5G, whereas Verizon came up with 5G through its proprietary standards, AT&T find the excuse to come with 3GPP compliance. They recently announced their commercial launch of 5G in limited sense what Gartner referred to as pre-commercial trails. 

Industry interpreting this 5G E logo from AT&T a fake and criticism is on. As many people don't digest that LTE advances can be interpreted as 5G Evolution.

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