Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Facebook Initiated Terragraph Technology is Setting its Place

Agile Networks is preparing to launch a new pilot deployment of Radwin's 60 GHz technology in Canton, Ohio, where it will address a connectivity shortfall in the city.

Agile has used a lot of Radwin gear in other areas, but not in the 60 GHz band, according to Agile Networks CEO Kyle Quillen. However, Agile's engineering team has a lot of experience in millimeter wave spectrum with other vendors' gear, so they're not expecting the RF side to be all that different.

Plus, they have a lot of confidence in Radwin, whose gear is based on Terragraph technology, the initiative spearheaded by Facebook. The Terragraph by Radwin 60 GHz mesh solution was developed in collaboration with Facebook, Radwin and Intel.



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