Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Mobile broadband is prime force for 5G adoption in India

Light reading Spoken to  head of marketing and corporate affairs at for the Indian division of Nokia Corp. (NYSE: NOK), to learn more about the 5G-related opportunities and challenges in the country.  

Nokia believes on 5G plan by govt of india, in case if regulatory framework is ready by 2020 there would be commercial roll outs too. 

Nokia Views on Indian 5G perspecives are positive as the nokia executive observe it like...

-Government has taken steps in the right direction. However, there should be consensus where it is win-win both for the operator as well as the government for the 5G spectrum, whether it is 3.5GHz or 28GHz band, as quickly as possible. The issue should be resolved at the earliest so the telcos get the spectrum fast and can focus on rollout. Further, the time from now till 2020 should be used to develop relevant use cases.

-From the Indian perspective, the biggest use case in 5G is going to be mobile broadband. Networks are choking, data consumption is increasing and in order to address this you need 5G. Early adoption is going to be in the fixed wireless segment followed by things like public safety and then low-latency applications like virtual reality, augmented reality and remote surgery.

-Indian telcos are in a perfect position to upgrade and modernize the network. Because of the recent consolidation, the service providers are anyway working to combine their network assets, so it is an opportunity for them to modernize their networks to make them 5G ready.

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