Saturday, September 15, 2018

Federated Wireless about to launch a Certified Professional Installer Training Program on CBRS

Federated Wireless President and CEO Iyad Tarazi said "Businesses can now access shared spectrum to not only introduce new services and create new business models, but solve decades old challenges, such as improving wireless connectivity indoors and outdoors, and closing the digital divide. Federated is also launching a Certified Professional Installer Training Program as it relates to CBRS equipment. The online certification program is set to launch toward the end of the October, which corresponds with when Federated expects the FCC to take action on proposals for initial commercial deployments. The FCC requires outdoor CBRS equipment be installed by CPIs "to ensure accurate SAS operations,".

Principal analyst of Mobile Experts, said, "CBRS is turning out to be a diverse sandbox, with participation by players in at least five different business models: mobile operators, MVNOs, neutral host players, private LTE, and fixed wireless access."

Saurabh Verma
Consultant & Founder
Fundarc Communication (xgnlab)
Noida, India - 201301

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